“It was brilliant” – my client summarized our email marketing campaign with these words.

Research on 500 million actions taken by Internet users shows that sales conversion from email marketing is on average 3%. By conversion, I mean the amount of people who make a purchase after they get an email from you.

So what conversion rate did we achieve that excited my client so much? What percent of people actually bought a service and reacted to a sent offer? I will show you these spectacular results in just a minute.

Not everybody could use the offer

Before I get onto this I want you to know that the offer we sent was about a service, which because of technical issues, could be used only by only 70% of recipients.

The other important fact is our offer was about a seasonal service and a lot of people had already used it before.

So if it was a service that all recipients could use, the result would be even better.

The Open and click rate drastically outperformed average industry results.

The first really amazing indicator was the “open rate” of the email message, this was nearly 58%, but that’s not all. In addition the click rate was 40.08%!


Get Response – Email Marketing (autoresponder) service.

In comparison – the average industry open rate is about 33% and click through rate of only 3.4%! The information was provided by the MailChimp (another autoresponder service), where over one billion messages is sent by over 2 million users every single month.

According to this our result was…

…nearly 1100 % better than average click through rate!

Below you can find a screen print from our autoresponder  service statistics and a comparison of indicators with average industry results.


One proven and tested strategy has drastically outperformed industry average results. You can see the amazing result we’ve achieved being 1110% better than the industry average. And what’s also really important is that nobody has unsubscribed from our list.

How many people have made a purchase?

So how many people bought the service offered?

From all of the people who clicked the link in the email message over 26% purchased the offered service. It means overall 10.8% sales conversion from all the subscribers.

 It’s stunning 230% higher sales conversion rate
than industry average

In this scenario we have achieved a sales conversion of over 230% higher than the  industry average (vehicle repair and maintenance) via email marketing. And remember the fact that our offer, technically, could only be used by 70% of all recipients.

That’s not all! About 70% of people who used the offer bought additional complimentary service (upsell). The most interesting fact is that additional services were sold at a higher price than the initial offered service.

Ask yourself this question: What would it mean for your business if you could grow your sales by over 230% or even 400%?

Look, let’s assume you have a list of 5000 subscribers, and the price of your service is £100. By using a proven campaign with sales conversion at a rate of 10% we can generate an additional 500 transactions for your business. In this way you can generate £50,000 in additional sales.

With a little bit of creativity you can use this campaign four times a year. This way, you can generate £200 000 additional sales. You have to admit it’s a really nice result for one simple email marketing strategy, isn’t it?

In contrast to some advertising companies my clients are getting access to and the use of such strategies practically without any risk and low or no start up costs.

Why this email marketing campaign was so effective?

There were a few factors:

  • the list was built from scratch (not a purchased database),
  • there was a mix of clients, inactive clients and prospects on this list,
  • subscribers were communicated frequently (over the period of 3 months),
  • we were providing a lot of value and good will to the list before the campaign started (advice, tips and a contest),
  • it was a direct response campaign (not brand awareness),
  • the offered service was very well matched with the audience but…

the most important factor was a proven marketing strategy correctly implemented. 

If you have visited my blog or you have known me for some time you would be aware that I help companies, entrepreneurs and local businesses grow their profits with proven business and marketing strategies.

These strategies where proven and tested in many different countries and in many different industries. They also generate thousands and thousands of Euros, Pounds, Dollars and Yuan for smaller and bigger companies throughout the world.

The example email marketing strategy I have described for you today was tested in nearly every industry and brings fantastic results every time. This is the reason why it was also so effective this case. The other example is where we used this exact strategy in the music industry where in one week we generated orders for an additional £20,000 using a tiny list of subscribers.

On the other side, any campaign with brilliant marketing slogans, beautiful photos and costing significant amount of money can’t compete with proven solutions based on specific research, experience and a successful track record.

Of course there is a chance that expensive campaigns with creative slogans you pay upfront will be miraculous, but the probability of its success and expected results is so tiny you can get better results gambling in a Vegas casino.

What do you think about email marketing? Do you find it effective as a lead generation and sales tool?  Do you have a list of subscribers (clients and prospects)? Or maybe you don’t have a list and would like to start effectively building one? Please, scroll down and leave me a comment what is your experience and what would you like to learn in this area. 

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