Most entrepreneurs don’t know that direct response marketing is the key to the success of their business. Of course it’s not the only one thing that defines becoming successful or not. Nevertheless, it’s the only correct way of marketing for any small and medium sized business. Just by knowing this fact you are far ahead of your competition.

I am not just talking from my experience. Any honest marketing expert, who cares about your hard-earned marketing budget, will tell you the same. You can also find the proof by watching or reading classic advertising gurus like David Ogilvy (founder of Ogilvy & Mother – the most famous marketing agency in the world). I will show you David’s perspective in just a second and before I do I want to ask you a question:

How often do you use marketing?

If you’ve read my previous article “Why most businesses fail?” You know that taking action to start your marketing activity, as well as regular and systematic marketing, is absolutely crucial for any company to succeed.

Unfortunately, most companies don’t know how to do it, are not doing it correctly or even worse, don’t care about doing it at all. The vast majority of businesses attempt to simulate tactics used by large corporations. And in most cases it ends with failure, poor results and wasted money. Why?

It’s not a secret that brand awareness campaigns in many cases generate very disappointing results, not only for small businesses, but for large concerns as well.

The solution is very simple. First and foremost you have to start with regular marketing activity to prevent your business from failure and grow it effectively. And secondly instead of institutionalized advertising or brand awareness campaigns you should use…

Direct Response Marketing
(Direct Marketing)

Direct Marketing motivates the client to immediately take some kind of action. It’s a missing ingredient in most advertisements and that simple fact makes them ineffective.

You have to make clever marketing decisions and take action that allows you to generate a positive return on investment (ROI) from every penny.

So you want to invest £1 and generate £2,and then £20 and then £100 and £3,000 and more.

You also have to have a way to test and measure all of your marketing efforts, ads and campaigns. Only this way you can identify and multiply the ones that bring the best results and improve underperforming ones.

When you advertise you should always offer something to your client, give him an incentive to act now (to call you, visit your salon, book a consultation, make a purchase) and make your offer irresistible – these are the fundamentals. 

Why institutionalised and general advertising
is not for you?

You don’t want to spend your money to advertise your logo or creative thought as it’s not the most important thing for your small business.

Brand awareness campaigns and institutionalised advertising are the big part of so called “hope marketing”. Which means you run an add to present your logo, creative idea or your opening hours and… you hope that someday, someone will remember about you and your company and maybe will buy something from you.

David Ogilvy, who is known as the father of advertising, has created one of the most famous marketing agencies in the world (Ogilvy & Mother). In spite of producing a lot of brand awareness campaigns by his Agency he admitted that the success of his agency was built on direct response advertising.

David says that only direct response experts know what are they doing and can control it. General advertising and brand awareness are just pure improvisation. And if you put this into practice sooner or later you will realise it’s absolutely true.

Here’s the video:

Become a direct marketing practitioner

 Remember that you don’t want to waste your money to present your new logo or creative thought. You don’t want to invest in general or institutionalised advertising unless you are a serious gambler or looking for a very expensive hobby.

Your goal is always to make an irresistible offer, present benefits and motivate a potential client to take action “now”. This is the type of marketing and advertising you want to invest in. If you do it this way, the promotion of your companies’ logo and your name will be a nice free bonus for you.

Direct Marketing is the key to success for any size of business. It will make all your marketing efforts extremely effective. It will help you to out-perform your competition, save yourself from wasting money and your profits will outstrip your expectations.

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