I have been in business and marketing for over 10 years. As a business growth and marketing expert I have helped companies and entrepreneurs grow their profits and achieve their goals.

During my work with business owners whether in the area of effective business growth and marketing strategies, online marketing or employee’s engagement I hear a lot of misconceptions and myths about the necessity and validity of having a business coach. I will point them out in just a minute.

But before I do , I want you to know that having a business coach or support of marketing expert can bring you many extraordinary benefits in all areas of your business. I am not telling you this only from  my own experience and great results that I have achieved working with companies but also considering the research conducted throughout the world in this area .

According to Fortune Magazine, Manchester Review and Business Wire, paying for coaching can generate six times the investment.

Booz-Allen-Hamilton concluded their research by stating that working with a business coach leads to 689% ROI (Return On investment).

Coaching – Business impacts by Manchester Inc.:

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Companies that don’t use the support of coach, grow slower and manage poorer in today economy. And sometimes just one idea from a coach or a business growth expert can grow your business by 100% and even more in 12 months.

Let’s talk about why entrepreneurs and businesses don’t use the support of business experts, even though they may benefit a lot from this.


Redundant luxury

When I talk with entrepreneurs they ask me “Do I need a business coach?”, do I really need somebody I will be working with for a longer period of time to achieve long term goals and results? The answer is: should you even ask yourself this question?

Highly effective people who are very successful are saying: “If there is somebody who can help me to win and achieve success faster than I could do it myself I will do everything to work with this person”

You have to realize that the world of business today is changing very fast and every day it becomes more and more competitive. Technological innovations are opening new opportunities and power totally different approaches to marketing, sales or even business growth strategies. Successful companies prosper in today’s tough economic times because they’ve understood that the “business coach or the business growth expert” approach  is not a redundant luxury but an absolutely “must have” for you and your company.

This is not only your opportunity for a  good investment and to increase of your profits but also a chance to prevent your business against unexpected defeat. 


“I know best how to lead my business
and achieve results”

It’s absolutely possible you are great in what you do. You are getting results at certain levels of profits and productivity.

And what if you had the support of somebody who has  knowledge and experience of other companies and industries, somebody who can lift your business to the next level even with only one strategy or idea? Wouldn’t you like to explore proven methodologies and tactics used by other companies who have succeeded? Wouldn’t you like to find out how you can use these strategies in your business?

Remember, if you are  running a business it’s really hard to be objective about yourself. Business coach or experts can help you look at your business from an entirely different perspective. They can show you things you might not have seen before but also advise you and tell you the truth even if it’s uncomfortable for you and you wouldn’t wish to hear it.

Many times a coach can even find weak points in your business that you may not recognize, particularly when everything is going well. In fact these weak points can be a serious problem when the efficiency of the business drops. The support of person outside of your business is a reality check for you and your business. Properly used , in advance, can save your business and protect you  against problems in the future. 


“I don’t have time for this”

This is one of the arguments used by entrepreneurs when considering using the  support of business growth expert. “I know I need them but I do not have enough time to devote the additional few hours a month to meet and consult with an expert”.

This is one of the biggest problems and mistaken attitudes of entrepreneurs that halts the opportunity for growth in their businesses. Most of them work so much “in the business” that they don’t even think about working “on the business”, whether by themselves or with the support of coach or expert.

Take a look at this example. Most owners of beauty salons and SPAs are mostly very entrepreneurial women. They have graduated from specialized schools and completed courses so that their services are of the highest quality.

Unfortunately, most of them don’t want to find time for strategizing, marketing, growth strategies, sales or team building.

This example is applicable to any other industry. Instead of working strategically and effectively growing their businesses, entrepreneurs just work longer and harder.

Staying on  the subject of the beauty industry such an owner has a full schedule  from the morning to the late hours in the evening for 7 days a week and doesn’t even have any time to think what the opportunities to grow a business are, meaning- work less and earn more. Not to mention, more free time for friends and family.

I also know entrepreneurs for whom the work “on the  business” is the most important thing in their weekly schedule. And there is no more important activity for them than regular planning, improving and refining the ways of business growth. Thanks to this attitude they manage to grow faster than their  competition and achieve fantastic results. They have more time for themselves and work less “in the  business”

Remember: You will never have time for the things if you don’t plan your schedule. 


“I’ve been in business for 20 years
so I’ve already learnt everything”

As I mentioned before, today’s world is changing very fast. If you are saying and thinking this way you are genius or you don’t care about the growth of your business at all. Have you ever thought that it could be a very risky approach?

The methods and strategies you have learnt before can become outdated and ineffective and you can lose a big part of the market to your competition in a matter of days. If you think you don’t have to learn, improve your skills and permanently look for new ways and strategies to grow your business, you could wake up one morning with no business. And the most important: without the skills needed  to start again in the fresh economy.

The most famous people in the world who work in many different industries and areas of life use a help of experts, coaches and mentors. In business they are the ones who approach from the outside and can see the big picture. They can show you the way and drive you to take action.

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple was working with Bill Campbell, Jodi Foster was learning from Robert De Niro and Andy Murray was working with Ivan Lendl. There  are  a lot of examples I could give , but highly successful people use a help of other experts not because it’s trendy and pleasurable but because it gets real results, returns on investments and successes.

Are you one of those  people not working with an expert because of one or all of the reasons above ? Think about it. What would it mean to you and your business if you could get from point A, where you are now , to the point B where you want to be, achieving your goals faster that you could ever imagine?

If you are stuck at a point and you don’t know how to move on and grow your business, or have a problem in some areas of your business, have no motivation, no engagement of your teams or you want achieve your goals faster, the help of a business coach or business growth expert could be really advantageous and valuable for you.

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