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FREE business training
Tuesday 15th March 2016, 9.30 am – 12.00 noon

Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce
2 Genesis Business Park, Sheffield Road, Templeborough, Rotherham, S60 1DX

If you want to outthink, outsell, outcompete and outperform your competition this training is specifically for you. You can ensure your business with long term exponential growth and protect it from failure. It will not only help your company grow faster but will also completely change the way you look at your business. Your marketing efforts will become more effective than ever before and you will be making smart strategic decisions and controlling your business with confidence.


On this training you will learn:

  • How to grow your business by 78% AND MORE in 12 months using 5 areas of growth (this is a really simple concept on how you should look at your business growth; it is used by the fastest growing companies and by the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world).
  • Why most businesses fail and how to prevent your company from such a situation.
  • The correct way of creating a business-marketing strategy for your company to provide long term growth and security of your business (most entrepreneurs don’t even have a simple marketing strategy whereas it is really simple and profitable to create it).
  • What are the 3 functions of a business (without knowing them you don’t even have a chance of success in business).
  • How to prevent your business from failure.
  • Examples of using proven and tested marketing strategies in practice.

There are 2 fantastic bonuses you will get at the end of this training:


Exponential Growth Calculator – it will help you easily make a plan of how much you can grow your business in the next 12 months.


Ideal Client Profile (using this template your marketing will be much more efficient and will cost you less). And even one more…

13 Strategic Questions

this one you’ll receive after the registration. Just by answering them you can reveal several instant opportunities to improve and grow your business.

“Jack makes you re-think what you are doing – not to make major change but simple changes to your business = resultsBring an open mind to Jack’s course, listen and learn.”

Adrian Vicker

Consultant in building industry

“The training was extremely helpful and gave me insight and new ideas on how to strategically grow my business. Very well explained by Jack. The 13 strategic questions were particularly interesting and something I will definitely be putting into practice.“

Scott Turner

Partner at WPE Healthcare

There are limited spaces available

“Jack’s presentation was thought provoking, interesting and inspiring. When running a business it can be easy to be drawn into the operational, day-to-day running of the company without giving time to think about or consider business strategy. I will certainly be putting some of the ideas discussed into practice and I’ve no hesitation in recommending others to take part.” Matthew Ridsdale

Public relations consultant and founder of Cannon PR

“Jack has included clear strategies and practical activities in the short session. I can now go away and implement some of them and with the support of Jack I know they will work.”

Michelle Poole

Owner of Virtual Hand (Virtual Assistants to Trainers and Coaches)

“The training was based on intelligent, logical business advice & best practice that is practical and useful.”


Len J Campey

Managing Director at Breakthrough

JACK BRZUZ – course creator and trainer


JBAs a Business Growth and Marketing Expert Jack helps companies, businesses and local entrepreneurs grow their business utilising proven and tested business and marketing strategies.

With 10 years of experience in Business he positively impacted up to 1000 small and medium sized businesses with his trainings, consulting, international speaking and advice. Active entrepreneur and business owner, he worked with Universal Music, owned a Music Distribution Business and a Digital Marketing Agency. He was involved in marketing campaigns for concerns such as Western Union, Mercedes, Ruuki, Hewlett Packard and numerous other well-known brands.

He shares his experience, business and marketing knowledge with entrepreneurs as he believes every business owner deserves the right to learn the best proven and tested business growth strategies. He never experiments with his clients’ budgets and is passionate about his clients’ results. It is no coincidence that they call him a “friend” of their business.

Jack is also a founder of SME Business Academy – Community of Experts for Small Businesses. #1 place for SMEs to find valuable and practical advice in crucial business areas.





This training is free to attend however booking is essential.


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