Attn… Business Owners, entrepreneurs, sales people and marketers

… if you are looking for the least expensive and the most profitable strategy
for acquiring new Clients, then keep reading…


“Announcing A Simple And Effective Referral System
That’ll Generate An Endless Source Of Valuable And Qualified Clients For Your Business FAST…
Even If You’ve Never Asked For A Referral Before


Keep reading to discover the most effective formula of how to start generating a never-ending stream of Referrals with a proven system,
not “by chance”.

And this is the same exact strategy that helped my Client to effortlessly bring to her business an additional £72,520 and then quadruple this amount over the following year. How?

She used a proven Ultimate Referral System formula to generate a steady stream of new valuable clients. And I am going to teach you step by step how you can use this strategy in your business to multiply your profits and generate amazing results.

Why should you focus your efforts on referral systems
and use this proven strategy?

These days more profits are generated or lost through referrals than any other single business action.

Referred clients are the most loyal and profitable ones and cost almost nothing to generate.

Unfortunately, few businesses have a systematised, formalised, reusable and referral-generating strategy in place. They waste a lot of money on unproven and ineffective strategies rather than focus on the most profitable and least expensive one – referrals.

And this is why I’ve created the Ultimate Referral System training – a step by step formula on how you can design an extremely effective Referral System to generate the most valuable and qualified Clients for your business.

I’ve been in business and marketing for over 10 years working with small businesses as well as being involved in campaigns for large concerns like Western Union, HP and Mercedes.

I help businesses to effectively grow their business with proven and tested business and marketing strategies. The Ultimate Referral System is one of them and now you can “legally steal it” and use it in your business.

It’s not based on theory but on real life experience and case studies. This is a proven and reusable strategy. This is why so many businesses successfully use these principals to generate substantial amounts of additional profits.

Don’t leave your money on the table like many people who think they don’t need a referral system and get referrals “by chance”.

Don’t make these mistakes and don’t waste your hard earn budgets.

Join my comprehensive 2.5 hour live online training (Webinar) on how to easily create your own extremely profitable Ultimate Referrals-Generating System:

Ultimate Referral System

It’s for every type of business

And it doesn’t matter what niche or market you’re in. It’s for every type of business looking for a perpetual stream of new customers that pay more, buy more often, negotiate less and complain less.

And you can be a salesperson, beauty salon owner, accountant, financial advisor, contractor, consultant, coach, carpet cleaner, recruitment agency manager, marketer… you name it.

You can successfully use this strategy in your business by generating referrals from existing and future customers, clients or patients.

If you are looking for:

  • Simple, effective and profitable ways of generating new ideal clients that already like and trust you,
  • Perpetual stream of new valuable and the most loyal clients,
  • Generating referrals not “by chance” but with a proven system,
  • Outperform your fierce competition,
  • Run a healthy, vibrant and thriving business,
  • Multiply your profits and avoid business headaches,
  • Stop worrying where you are going to get your next qualified Client,

then this special training is specifically for you.


Now, before you sign up to this practical and impactful session, let’s take a look at what you will learn … so you know it’s right for you:


On this 2.5-hour live online session (Webinar) you will learn:

  • How my Client has effortlessly brought to her business an additional £72,528 and then quadrupled this amount over the following year.
  • A Proven Ultimate Referral System formula (simple steps to create an extremely effective referral-producing system for your business even if you have never asked for a referral before).
  • One crucial thing to make your clients keep referring your business forever (get this wrong and you will instantly start losing your referrals).
  • Secret weapons arsenal – strategies that will boost your referral system making it even more effective and profitable (it will also seamlessly increase your clients’ retention at the same time).
  • You will receive the Ultimate Referral System creation filling-the-blank document (it’s perfect for creating and formalizing referral system in your business).
  • 25 examples and case studies of effective referral systems and how they were successfully implemented in hugely successful businesses (they are real world, success-proven strategies amounting to millions of pounds in sales and profits around the world).
  • Bonuses (£200 value).


That’s a lot of benefits and value for you on this training and to make it even better I’ve prepared these two very practical bonuses worth £200 (if sold separately):


BONUS 1 (£50 value)

Ideal Client Profile 2.0

This proven tool will drastically improve your referral system results and at the same time your overall marketing and advertising efforts will become more efficient and less expensive.

I will also provide you with all the instructions and explain how to use it to get the most out of it.

You can use this template to create your ideal client profile from scratch or improve your existing one.


 BONUS 2 (£150 value)

Magnetic Referral Letter

Fill in the blank insider’s Magnetic Referral Letter that will make your customers refer your company like crazy (I have never shared this letter before with anyone but my consulting clients).

My client used this letter as a part of her referral system that helped her bring to her business an additional £72,520 and then quadruple this amount over the following year.

I will show you the exact same copy of this simple, and at the same time, very effective letter. Also, I will painstakingly explain the meaning of every part of it so you can use it correctly in your business.

My Client has paid £150 for my support and advice on how to design and write her letter. But you will receive a ready to use template, as a free bonus, along with my guidelines on how to quickly implement it in your business.


Must attend training

This is an absolute must-attend training for any business owner, entrepreneur, sales person, sales manager or marketer who is looking for creating an extremely effective and profitable referrals-generating system from scratch or improving the existing one.

If it sounds like you, register for this comprehensive training and let me help you easily create a continuous stream of the most valuable and qualified Clients for your business with the successful Ultimate Referrals Generating System.

There’s absolute no risk for you. That’s because my training is always backed by a very generous and bulletproof guarantee:

100% money back satisfaction guarantee


Register for this training. If by the end of session, for any reason or for no reason at all you decide it’s not for you, you can leave the training and I will personally process a full refund the same day. No questions asked no shenanigans. I put my reputation on it.

I am sure this training will help you to create an endless stream of newly qualified clients and generate additional profits for your business. I am giving you this guarantee just because I want you to feel safe investing in this course and know that there is no risk to you at all.

You will either give me a free thank you for a great training, practical strategies and time well spent or it will be free for you when I give you a refund.

So take this opportunity to create a continual stream of new valuable clients for your business and register for the Ultimate Referral System training:

This Webinar (online training) Will Be Taught LIVE
Thursday 30th June 2016, 11.00 am – 1.30 pm BST


A complete value of £299 (live training + bonuses) for only £99.

Yes Jack!  I want to learn your proven Ultimate Referral System formula to generate an endless source of valuable
and qualified clients for my business. Please reserve my seat for the intensive live online training (Webinar).



All my trainings are extremely practical, helpful and valuable. Is it any wonder then, that my satisfied attendees talk about my courses this way:

“Jack makes you re-think what you are doing – not to make major change but simple changes to your business = resultsBring an open mind to Jack’s course, listen and learn.” Adrian Vicker

Consultant in building industry

“The training was extremely helpful and gave me insight and new ideas on how to strategically grow my business. Very well explained by Jack.  Scott Turner

Partner at WPE Healthcare

“Jack’s presentation was thought provoking, interesting and inspiring. When running a business it can be easy to be drawn into the operational, day-to-day running of the company without giving time to think about or consider business strategy. I will certainly be putting some of the ideas discussed into practice and I’ve no hesitation in recommending others to take part.” Matthew Ridsdale

Public relations consultant and founder of Cannon PR

“Jack has included clear strategies and practical activities in the short session. I can now go away and implement some of them and with the support of Jack I know they will work.” Michelle Poole

Owner of Virtual Hand (Virtual Assistants to Trainers and Coaches)

“The training was based on intelligent, logical business advice & best practice that is practical and useful.”


Len J Campey

Managing Director at Breakthrough

JACK BRZUZ – course creator and trainer


JBAs a Business Growth and Marketing Expert Jack helps companies, businesses and local entrepreneurs grow their business utilising proven and tested business and marketing strategies.

With 10 years of experience in Business he positively impacted up to 1000 small and medium sized businesses with his trainings, consulting, international speaking and advice. Active entrepreneur and business owner, he worked with Universal Music, owned a Music Distribution Business and a Digital Marketing Agency. He was involved in marketing campaigns for concerns such as Western Union, Mercedes, Ruuki, Hewlett Packard and numerous other well-known brands.

He shares his experience, business and marketing knowledge with entrepreneurs as he believes every business owner deserves the right to learn the best proven and tested business growth strategies. He never experiments with his clients’ budgets and is passionate about his clients’ results. It is no coincidence that they call him a “friend” of their business.

Jack is also a founder of SME Business Academy – Community of Experts for Small Businesses. #1 place for SMEs to find valuable and practical advice in crucial business areas.

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